Many past civilizations do not categorize people in the same ways that we do now. Throughout its history, there has been plenty of bisexual erasure, though some cultures have focused on acceptance and expanding it. Now, bisexuality is on the rise. In some cultures, bisexuals were never thought to exist, but civilization knows a lot better now. Some of the history of bisexuality includes the history of sexuality in ancient Greece.

In ancient Greece, sexual relationships and relations were not given binary labels. Men had male lovers, and in many cases, people would have both male lovers and female lovers. Bisexuality was prevalent, and people were having a fantastic time with it, but it wasn’t called bisexuality. Also, Ancient Room was very similar. For freeborn Roman men, it was perfectly fine for them to want sex with both female and male partners, though in most cases there was pressure for freeborn Roman to take the penetrative role. There was a lot of focus on social standing, but bisexuality was still prominent.

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Ancient Japan also saw bisexuality and homosexuality, and there are records of this dating back hundreds and thousands of years. Buddhist institutions also have had a historical tradition and openness to bisexuality and homosexuality. In addition to all of this fantastic history, the human body is a beautiful thing. It is no wonder that millions of people have desires for members of each sex. There are also numerous fetish related options in the bisexual category. This is a fantastic place to find MMF porn movies, FFM porn films, group sex, and orgies.

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